how the story starts…

…Last August, I felt a little bad that I would come home from work, let the dog out, go to the gym for a spin & a yoga class a few nights a week, making my way home a few hours later.  I felt bad for all the time I wasn’t spending w/ my dog blu.  Mid August, I cancelled my gym membership and started walking & running with blu on the Cushman Trail near my home.  I had read about some guy who had continuously run for over 3500 days and felt I could do the same.  Every other day, we would walk 3 miles.  On the odd days, we would interval train.  I wanted to do the Couch to 5k program but didn’t know how to time the running portions.  Instead, I traded in running minutes for running utility poles.

Our first week out, blu would come home after a run and crash on the deck.  Eventually, her stamina (and mine) improved.  At the same time, we were in and out of vet offices because she had a large bump on her nose.  Diagnosis & treatment after diagnosis & treatment, a vet oncologist confirmed blu had an oral tumor.  With aggressive treatment, the oncologist gave blu 4-8 months left to live.  Without treatment, 1-2 months.  Four days later, on the worst winter storm day, blu had another bloody nose.  Three days before we were going to run our first 5k, she was put to sleep.

so…the blu dog running club is in her honor & exactly 6 months later, I am finally writing this blog!