Saturday’s team run was in Orting – a bit of a drive – but totally worth it.  If I lived closer, this would be my daily trail.  Who can resist Mt Rainer views, a path along water, and emus?

As is normal for Saturday trainings, the mission moment was uplifting & motivating:

After battling breast cancer (twice!), a friend’s mother in law was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Denied Gleevec, she was given a drug approved by her insurance company.  After four months, her condition worsened and she was finally approved for Gleevec.  Thanks to Gleevec, she is still enjoying life today – 18 years later.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society sponsored research that led to the discovery & creation of Gleevec.  It is currently being used to treat ten different cancers.  TIME magazine called it “the magic bullet to cure cancer.”

For a person who only buys prescription medication when she is really sick (say, tonsilitus),  having to budget for monthly prescriptions is a foreign concept.  And to think this miracle drug Gleevec costs $2300 a month is shocking (it was originally $5000).  Even with insurance, the amount out of pocket is staggering.   It is also the amount I need to raise for TnT.  I have four months to raise $2300 (now under $2000); the same amount a person diagnosed with a blood cancer must shell out each month for Gleevec.

Look at these stats:

  • Childhood mortality rates for leukemia & lymphoma have dropped 60% since LLS’ inception
  • Five year  survival rate has more than tripled in the last 45 years (survival rate was 14% in 1960)
  • Five year survival rate for Hodgkin lymphoma has more than doubled since 1960 (40% to 88%) & the survival rate for children 0-14 is now 96%!

Your donation helps fund research that will lead to a cure for all blood cancers.  You can make a secure donation online here.  Also – there is still time to make at least a $20 donation online to be entered into a drawing for a $25 Starbucks card.  My goal is to have $1000 in donations by June 20th.  🙂

Huge THANK YOU’s to my friends Leigh & KP for their donations this week!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!