I heart Tuesdays.  new dvd releases.  new book releases.  new music itunes.  bliss.

and even a better kismet moment because this runner girl (in training) is running for speed this week (or to improve her current speed).  And since I have no earthly clue how to plan for this (is 3 days before a race good enough?).  I do have the speed work strategy – we’ll see how effective it is come Saturday.  (ah… Saturday… chance to see if I can improve my 5k time.)

Back to serendipity: what better way to work on speed then some up tempo music?  Every great spin class I have ever taken was great only because the music pushed me that much harder (up some very steep invisible hills).

Putting together a pump-you-up playlist is harder then I thought.  I seem to prefer more mellow music on my runs… something about not trying to catch up to the beat of Black Eyed Peas… ugh, pace.

Today, it looks a lil like…

  • Beggin’ (madcon)
  • Club Can’t Handle Me  (flo rida)
  • Feeling Good (nina simone)
  • Just Breathe (pearl jam)
  • You (candlebox)
  • Heaven (o.a.r.)
  • Hey Mama (mat kearney)
happy trails…