For the past 24 hours, my thoughts about the mudrun have run the emotional gamut.  After the race, I was grateful I could cross this joker off my 2011 goal list and I would NEVER have to do it again.  And if, in, say 6 months, I had the brilliant idea to sign up again, my friends would rein in my insanity.  (Because obviously, I cannot do it myself.)

We arrived about 20 minutes to the start time (I also cannot be trusted with directions).  Waiting in the rain (perfect mudrun weather?), corralled with the other teams, I kept reminding myself “This is all my fault.”

mud slide

And then we’re off…the first mile plus was supposed to be all running – the only part I felt capable of until I realized the trail was mud.  I’m talking about mud the consistency of frosting in some places, pudding in others, the thick gooey, get your shoes stuck kind of mud.  The first hill (maybe 15 ft down, 15 up) left me laughing so hard, I let go of the “its my fault” mantra and started to enjoy the event.  And how can you not when you’re with uber cool peeps like buttahcup, the infamous robby k & cocoloqo?

gorilla ropes - where I just jumped into the chest high water

I had not fallen yet (that would come later).  But I let go of the competition part – it wasn’t about proving who was the mightiest (I am far from that).  It was just about getting it done.  I wasn’t without complaint & there was a lot of cussing.  And if I never see another muddy hill I have to climb, I will be the happiest of campers.

There is a lot about the mudrun I have (conveniently) forgotten.  But I will remember these two moments:

1.  Catching up with a 3 person team from an earlier wave.  I admit I have an issue with finishing last.  I have tried to not focus on that part of a race but as much as I try, I still worry about it.  So, with added bravado, I attempt to swing over a hurdle and land flat on my back.  Smooth.  Lesson learned.

rope walk

2.  My favorite obstacle is some rope walk over a pit of muddy water.  Shuffling about five steps.  Standing over water.  Legs shaking uncontrollably.  Arms burning.  Swinging forward & then backward.  It would be so easy to let go.  So easy.  And then making it to the other side without getting wet.

more rope walk

Even with cool rainy weather, wading through water, climbing over obstacles, attempting to climb up muddy hills, slip-sliding everywhere – I’m pretty sure I will find myself in that starting corral next year.  Hopefully, with nicer weather.  But for now, I’m seriously considering the Warrior Dash.