A few weeks ago, I vowed to run hills until I love them.  I have a few misgivings about that statement because I am not quite sure if I can love this beast.

deceiving view from the top

I have pinpointed four hills in the area to conquer.  The monster, lovingly named by my Team in Training team,  is one of them.

you still can't see the bottom from here...

After our run last night (4 miles) in the sweltering Pacific Northwest heat, my team had a BBQ to celebrate the longest sunny day of the year.  Where veterans decided to share their race stories with us.  Like the scary hills in certain areas – i.e. – San Francisco – that starts its race up a massive hill.

love that grade & the view of Mt Rainier

But, I was also told that because I live in a hilly area and practice running hills (like the monster), come race day, it’s all cake.  And although I constantly wish I lived in a flat place (say Nebraska), I really do love the challenge running hills has become.

in case the last photo didn't do justice to the grade...

I still remember the first time I conquered the big (measly hill compared to monster) hill on Cushman.  When I got to the top, I wanted to play Rocky: hands raised, lil jog dance, “Eye of the Tiger” playing.  (I know, wrong movie.)

So…what does a girl do when she runs down this massive hill?