I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday (tenuous statement because I was far from awake).  I was totally bummed because it meant a long run was in store for me.  Really, all I wanted to do was sleep in.  (I should also clarify I took two Benedryl the night before & was down for the count.)  And then I realized it was Friday (still a bummer – still couldn’t sleep in) but it did mean it was a rest day.  I am loving my rest days more and more.  They are also the days where I think “now what?”  It is strange to have free time.

At the same time, I am totally jazzed about running.  And I want to get out and run right now.

Mostly because last night was AWESOME.

Seattle Running Club sponsored a night with Marshall Ulrich (wiki bio).  There was a short group run & then he shared stories about his transcontinental run.  I realize most people are uncomfortable being in unfamiliar places with strange people, me included.  Waiting for the group run, I was ready to bolt out the door & go home.  Instead the runners beat me to it.  I decided to find my own route; I didn’t know where they were heading & most of them had disappeared over the hill into the park.

I ran loops through a few neighborhoods and finally decided I didn’t want to keep passing the same people, I ran up to Broadway.  As much as I love being alone running trails, there is something kind of cool about running on busy city streets.  Maybe its a trick to keep the mind alert – your view is always changing, people you have to side step.  There is much to occupy your mind besides the constant nagging of body parts.

I felt strong running along Broadway & would have continued if I wasn’t pressed for time.  The whole point was to hear Marshall Ulrich share the story of his cross country journey.  It was worthwhile (if you see him at the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Expo this weekend – stop by) but I will only share his overall theme: If you can dream it, you can do it.

After the chat, I met someone who only runs ultras (ultras are any race over marathon distance – 26.2 miles).  Most of his races are in the 50-100 mile range.  He started running when he was 52!!  The running community continues to open up before me and my eyes are wide open.  Wide open.

That said, I have deemed 2011 the year of the half marathon; 2012 is the year of the marathon and 2013 is going to be the year of the ULLLLTTTRRRAAAA! (as buttahcup said it best).  And maybe then I will focus on getting my BQ for Boston.