This question has stuck with me for the past few weeks:

One year from now, as you are looking back over the last 365 days, what have you accomplished?

Goal planning in reverse.  Thanks to my 2011 personal annual review & my list of 36, for the first time ever, I can answer this question.

Looking forwards & backwards all at the same time, these are the badges I will carry:

  1. I will have completed 23 (maybe more) items from the list of 36 items I must complete by my birthday next year.
  2. I will be sporting a Half Fanatics tee because I earned it.  Specifically, because I ran three half marathons within 90 days.  (My races fall within 76 days of each other.)
  3. I will have posted the photo below on Facebook with the caption “EARNED.”  (So what?  I’ve been dreaming of this since last November.)  It will also be on the back of my car.
  4. I will have this matching sticker with probably the same post on Facebook plus I will be touting this from my rear view window.
  5. Next year, I will be looking back at all the items I completed, experienced, & accomplished from 30,000 feet.  With the plan to cross off one continent marathon of seven from my bucket list.
What will you accomplish in the next year?