I have been thinking a lot about the start of this whole running business.  The most recent beginning, that is.  It’s amazing how far I’ve come – that is really the thought swirling around in my brain during the start of each run.

The intersection of events:

  • My good friend Honey Badger whom I was hanging out with most  nights after work (mostly at the waterfront practicing yoga moves & laughing uncontrollably) moved to Nashville.
  • The yoga instructor who told me I was the inspiration getting him to the top of some mountain on his bicycle (I got upset; specifically why I couldn’t be my own inspiration).
  • I had also been feeling bad about leaving blu home while I did the spin & yoga class routine.
  • The weather was gorgeous (as in very few days of rain).
  • There had been some conversations circling around running a 5k but the follow through was virtually non-existent.

That is when blu & I hit the trail with a November race date scheduled.

But we tread lightly – as in running the distance between two utility poles, walking three.  Eventually moving up to running two, walking three.  I think I would still be there if I hadn’t run with my pal Mish who pushed the running distance.  And what do you know?  A girl seemed to be holding herself back a bit.  Funny how that happens.

Now, I laugh at the silliness.  Each time I’ve gone out to run this week, I keep thinking about those utility poles.  And then I run my 4+ miles.


Mileage: I have been diligently tracking my mileage and am happy to report a 27% increase in my running distance from May to June.  I logged 56 miles in May but 72.75 miles in June.  BOOYA!

Time: Ten weeks down; 16 to go.

Fundraising: I have been actively fundraising for five weeks & have done it in several waves.  As of this moment, I am 62% on the way to my goal.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends and family.  Y’all rock something fierce!  I am ahead of my fundraising target – woot woot!!  I am horrible at asking for help (especially asking for money) and am blessed to have the best friends & family a girl could ask for (especially when she is asking for money).  Some of you made my mudrun photos worth $226 (awesome!).  As the donations are wonderful (and I need more…), your support for me is priceless.