I have finally gotten past the three digit countdown.  (Insert your own cheering section here.)  It’s all double digits from here.  Well, until its not.  Yes, I am counting down.   I am that nerd.

When I started, I had 176 days until I set foot on the half marathon course in San Francisco.  And although it seemed doable, it was also in the far off future.  But as May turned into June (108 days to starting line) and June turns into July (77 days to the starting line by the end of the month), the number of days left is dwindling down to holy crap Batman!!  It’s unnerving and exciting at the same time.

I have 99 days left:  99 days to raise $900 and 99 days to run 13.1 miles.

As common running wisdom has it, you don’t train until you run your distance: under-training is better than over-training.  Which is scary as all get out when you approach the starting line.  I mean, how will I even know if I can do it?  I am also the person who loves to be overly prepared.  There will be a leap of faith when the horn beckons runners forth in San Francisco.

Although there is this undercurrent of the unknown when I look into my crystal ball, there is also a part of me that has no doubt I’ll be running the entire race.  I will have to continue to work my tail off to get there but working hard has never been my problem.

Again, I have been reminded of my progress this week.  I am 11 weeks into training.  I have run over 160 miles & expect to hit 200+ miles by the end of July.  My easy runs have moved into the 4 mile range instead of the 3 mile range.  It was taking almost 2.5 miles before I found my running zone and now it appears after about a mile.

Progress.  Good.

So, in light of progress, I will be upping my long run tomorrow to over 6 miles.