Having given the fundraising requests a wee bit of a break the past few weeks, I’m about to get annoying this week.  The good news is that I’ll only be annoying for a few days & then I’ll go back into hiding for a few more weeks.

When I left the northwest to move to the south, I was totally bummed to learn how little a baseball town Charlotte, NC really was.  I was a HUGE baseball fan.  HUGE.  I did get to meet Jose Cansceo while he did his time with the Charlotte Knights (in hopes the White Sox would pick him up). Dude had the biggest forearms I have ever seen on anyone.

In those early days of Charlotte life, two friends bought me a Mariners baseball hat for my birthday.

After countless days spent at the pool & numerous miles running on the road, this much loved hat is about to be retired.

Fundraising.  Hats.  …the point?

My next hat is up for auction.  Specifically, I am accepting bids for the team – college or pro – you wish me to wear.  This hat will be worn every day while I train & it will also be worn during my half marathon on October 16th.  All my race photos will have your team/school on display.  And all you have to do is have the highest donation bid.  (You only place your donation if you are the winner.)  I will take care of purchasing the hat.  (My only other request is that it should be fairly easy to purchase the hat over the internet.)

The final winner’s donation goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for blood cancer research.  Not only will you choose the team, you’ll be helping out a great cause & it’s tax deductible.

Win.  Win.  Win.

Bidding starts …now and will be open until noon (PST) Friday, July 15th.  You can get in touch with me in various ways to make your bid (email, comments here, twitter, facebook) but I will be posting updates on facebook pretty regularly (and that is the part where I’ll be a little annoying until Friday).

Obviously, as a Coug, I should be gut wrenchingly upset to wear a UW hat.  But I’m not.  Really, there is only one team that will make this incredibly hard for me.  The hat will appear in race photos I plan on purchasing.  Fellow fans will revel in our (un)common bond.  It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  Fortunately, I have only a few friends who are hardcore fans of this team – so I’m hoping the rest of you will step up.  And maybe I’ll share the only team I hate later this week.

Whether you are an AllBlacks fan, a Stars fan, a Yankee, a Heat fan, a Panther, a Barca fan; whether you shout out War Eagle or Roll Tide …get ready to place your bid!  Starting bid is $10.