On the heels of last Saturday’s greatest run, I have been in major struggle mode all week.  After a lot of complaining, I attempted to run on Thursday but at mile two, I decided to hang up my running shoes.  Thinking I would benefit with a rest day, I was jazzed to run Saturday morning.

the Narrows Bridge

Seven days after my best run, I was ready to run a new route over the Narrows Bridge.  My legs had other ideas.  The first response to any running issue is “it’s a mental problem.”  (“90% of running is mental.  The other 10% is mental. – Ray Zahab)  I cannot tell you what is inside my head this week or why its effecting my feet.  But it has.  To clarify, I am not injured but apparently suffer from some mental damage.  Specifically the connection between my brain & legs.

view from mid bridge

It doesn’t help I am watching Dog Whisperer and all I can think is if my head were in the game (be calm assertive – AM the pack leader!), my “dogs” would fall in line.

It has been a really great week for all things running other than the small problem of not being very good at it.  I registered for my first marathon – Big Sur April 2012.  And one of my TNT running buddies is going to do it with me!  Totally stoked.  Also, I’m closing in on the halfway mark of my half marathon training & have less then $700 to fundraise for Team in Training.

So, if I could just get out of this funk, I’d be golden.