88 days in.  88 days to go.

It’s insane to think I have been consistently training for 88 days.  My long run this week is for 80 minutes and next week it jumps up to 110 minutes (that is 1 hour & 50 minutes!).  At some point in September, I will be out for 150 minutes (2.5 hrs).  Totally blows my mind.

Running is still a struggle – had my slowest time running the monster last night.  During my modified couch to 5k training last fall, I hit a major plateau around week 8.  The only thing I remember about week 8 is I felt I was back at week 4.  Buttahcup had a similar issue around the same time in the program.  I ran through the plateau & eventually it subsided around week 10.  I wonder about this moment:  is my week 12 in this training similar to that week 8 plateau?

Mentally, it is also a challenge because I start out wondering if its going to be a bad run.  It’s like playing goalie in soccer & being afraid I was going to miss the ball & let down my team.  My 2nd grade coach told me the ball had to pass through 10 other players before it got past me.  Huge relief.

But in running, it’s only me.