It has been hard for me to follow up my last emotional post.  Everything else seems trivial when compared to the gravity of Luca’s situation.  I know what its like to sit at work, incapable of thinking about anything else.  The bad thoughts followed by an inner reprimand (you receive what you send out to the world) and the hopeful meanderings.  A never ending cycle.

I am in need of good news.

  • I received my buccal swab kit yesterday.  It is back in the postman’s hands this morning.  Not only that, but there are about a dozen people I’ve spoken with who requested their kits last week.  I imagine the Bone Marrow National Registry (BMNR) being overwhelmed with the increase in potential donors this week.  With all the different avenues of awareness the past few weeks, I can’t help but think the BMNR is offering overtime to all its employees to test the mass of buccal swabs coming in.
  • A former player signed to play volleyball & will begin her freshman year playing for the college she wanted to play for when I coached her.  A pretty significant event but more so because three years ago, she was run over by a car pulling out of a driveway.  She broke her ankle, several ribs, & her collarbone, tore her ACL and broke her entire lumbar (L1-L5).  Her resiliency, determination & faith are astounding.
I would love to add to the list my new running shoes have solved all my running problems but I’ll have to see how they work tonight (and if I need more time to break them in).  Patience with things is not always my strong suit.