You know how they say when you volunteer, even though you are doing something good for other people, you usually end up doing good for you.

That was the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon for me.

I love watching people run.  And I love watching people sprint across the finish line.  To add to this list: I love watching people doubt their ability (not really that part) but who end up totally hitting it out of the park.  They may not be the first person to cross the finish line but they do cross the finish line.  And the sense of accomplishment & added confidence they take away from that is somewhere beyond awesome.

I stood somewhere between miles 4 & 5 and played cheerleader (so not a cheerleader) to the runners who ran across the bridge, up the nasty hill to Jackson and then up another smaller hill at War Memorial Park.  Even though she refused to let me cheer her on, I’m happy volunteering for the Tacoma Narrows Half put me on the course to root for buttahcup – running her 1st half marathon (ever!).

I saw her cross the finish line too.  Thirteen point one miles.  And she did it in under her stretch goal time.  Plus, she got a PR & that is serious business when it comes to racing.  Incredibly proud & happy all her hard work for the past 3 or 4 months paid off in a big way.

Buttahcup and I feed off each other – inspire each other – IM over fears, goals, possibilities – pump each other up – share interesting running blogs, knowledge, etc.  I am not sure I would be here writing this today if she didn’t occasionally give me a swift kick in the pants.  Her race inspired me in other ways too.  Lately, I have had a bad case of the mean reds when it comes to running.  I have continued to struggle with foot pain (is it shoes?  do I need to see a doctor?), lack of motivation …really, I’m running in the land of doldrums.

I ran my long run this morning and decided before I even left my house, it was going to be a GOOD run.  And it was.  Not a great run but good.  And that is a big step in the right direction.

Major props to buttahcup for running an amazing half & getting to cross something off her 2011 review plus her bucket list.  One step closer to earning your Half Fanatic status, swagger included.  And a big thank you too for inspiring this runner girl in training to get back to it.  Ten weeks…