Today marks the day I have to decide whether my training & fundraising efforts have been for naught.  I also must decide if I can either squeeze more donations out of family & friends or plan a fundraising event (or two) to bridge the gap between my current amount raised & the minimum amount needed to participate.  All in all, after some pokey donations come in, I have about $370 left to raise.  Which is totally awesome!!  And all because of you!!

I filled out my re-committment paperwork early and will be buying my plane ticket shortly (if I could ever figure out the online error I’m receiving… ugh).  Plane ticket – check!  Someone is going to San Francisco!!  (Keeping fingers crossed one of those crazy volleyball dads will be piloting the plane.)

And now begins the countdown.  Perhaps, the real countdown.  Ten weeks (& yes, still counting).  Ten weeks to add about 5 miles to my current training plan.  Ten weeks to get super stoked (ok, so I’ve been stoked the whole time) but get over the nerves of all things unexpected & eliminate those doubts that sometimes pop up.

Big time shout out to everyone who has supported this journey!!  I cannot thank you enough.

*photo courtesy of Robby K