A few weeks ago, I realized I was blatantly ignoring my 36×36 list, knowing I would eventually get around to it.

And therein lies the problem with “someday…”

I knew by the end of the month I would cross off at least one item but have decided August is the perfect time to knock out three of these jokers:

34.  Kayak
35.  Stand Up Paddleboard
36.  Ice Cream Tasting at Full Tilt

Although I decided a few weeks ago, to take a kayaking class some Tuesday night in August, I have yet to register for the class.  In fact, I have been contemplating my registration for the past 20 minutes.  Who in their right mind would play angel & devil on her shoulder over something she has wanted to do for at least 4 years?

My someday demon has had lots of practice; he looks a lil bit like the Hulk, after all the power I’ve given him.  But now that I’m registered for the beginners kayaking class, it feels a little like I’ve let some air out of his massive bicep.