1) I have been chatting all things running with my Wednesday running buds, buttahcup & the infamous Robby K since the beginning of 2011.  It was great to chat with another friend who got into running about the same time I did (unbeknownst to moi).  He showed me all the cool features of his garmin & I’m a lil bit hooked.

Mostly – I maybe I shouldn’t admit this – but I love the graphing feature.  It will show your pace plus heart rate for all your runs.  And if you are concerned about any point of your run, satellite images will pinpoint exactly where you were at that moment.  I know I’m behind the curve on this but I wanted to purchase this fantastic toy around Christmas.  After seeing his cool little presentation, I almost bought one this week.  Still going to wait – I’m a sucker for Thanksgiving / Christmas sales.  Besides, I am a tad bit worried about having that suntan line (shallow, I know).

2) PSA: Nipple chafing is a real and serious situation.  Let me restart – I have not experienced this.  But I saw an article in some magazine about nipple chafing.  And I thought “this must be some kind of joke.”  After seeing the horror of certain male TNH race shirts last weekend, I can confirm it is a real & serious thing.  So, two things: one – men should not EVER wear light-colored shirts running long races & two – please figure out a way to prevent this (AT ALL COSTS).  I am scarred for life.  For those of you who are morbidly curious, google images for marathon shirts – bloody.  Sweet dreams.

3) There are about 65 days until race day in San Francisco.  I purchased my plane ticket and am trying to plan stuff to do in San Francisco that doesn’t put too much stress on my legs or that will keep me uber busy.  Down time is probably good.  So, I’ve narrowed it down to only two things – walking or riding across the Golden Gate bridge and hanging out in North Beach with the Italian waiters eating gelato.  I kid.  I kid.  City Light Books is the only other thing I have on my list.  Oh, and the Presidio (only thing I didn’t do last time I was there that I had wanted to do).  And maybe Korean BBQ … and that burger place Mel went to in Oakland.

On the running front, I’m suddenly very nervous about meeting my training goals.  In about 30 days, I will have my longest training run & then I start to taper my miles until race day.  Is it possible to add about 3-5 miles in 30 days?  Focus is being shifted back to all things running.

Happy trails!