I crossed off one item from my 36×36 list last night paddling around the hahbah.  Paddling about 5 miles – why couldn’t running be so easy when I first started.  Granted, I am not sore today but I do have some lovely scars to share.

Scars first:
 Forty-five minutes into the lesson, my thumbs looked like this.  It was so much fun though, I couldn’t stop paddling.  And it doesn’t stop me from wanting to go back tonight except I can’t because I have to run.  For reals.

I shared a two-man boat with Ms. Paula; I was seat two and in charge of the rudder.  Ms. Paula was in seat one and in charge of setting our pace.  Do you remember playing Poll Position at local pizza joints when you were a kid?  Or Mario Kart?  And you’d be driving along and all of a sudden need to make a correction – maybe Yoshi dashed into your lane and you had to swerve around him?  But because it was immediate, you over corrected and then had a hard time getting back to the non-lunatic driving?  (Okay, so maybe just me?)

That was me with the rudder.  Also, I’m not sure I can do two things at once.  Pay attention to direction (to avoid that dinghy eating trees) and also be in sync with Ms. P.

So, there you have it.  I had a total blast and cannot even begin to fathom why I waited so long to give kayaking a go.  Maybe it was the $200 lessons in North Carolina at the U.S. National White Water Rafting Center.

Seriously: F.U.N.