Saturday’s practice was held with the winter team and KJ’s story was shared.  Mr. C’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and one week before his first TNT event, she passed away at the age of 19.  What she left behind was a list of ten life lessons.

10) Deal with life one day at a time.
Sometimes when life gets crazy we feel like we’ll never sort everything out.  But if we just deal with everything one day at a time & instance at a time, life has a way of working through things.  It also makes life’s circumstances a little less overwhelming.

9)  Turn every life experience into a learning experience.
The best way I have found to cope with hard times more easily is to become knowledgeable about what is going on & try to find meaning in everything that happens.  Trust me, there is always one there.

8 ) Always look for the positive.
No matter how bad life can get, there is always a positive to be found.  If you focus on the positive aspects of life, the hard times are easier to get through.  The power of positive thinking is amazing & it works.

7) Try to do at least one new thing every day.
Much too often, people get into a routine of doing the same thing every day & their lives become boring.  The new thing doesn’t have to be big.  It can be something really small, like taking a different route to work or trying a new kind of food.  Make a wish list for yourself of new stuff you want to try.  Some things can be small & others, big.  Plan on completing one of those things each day & by the end of every day, your life will be that much more full.

6) Be true to yourself.
No matter what happens in your life, if you are true to yourself & confident about who you are, you can overcome anything.  Always stick to who you are & don’t worry if people are going to accept you or not.  If you are confident with yourself, it will show & the people who really matter will accept you for who you are, not for who you are not.

5) Touch as many lives as you can.
Every time you meet someone new, you leave a little bit of yourself with them.  They are effected by you.  The more people you meet, the more complete both their and your lives are because of how you have been effected by each other.  Think of the possibilities.

4) Enjoy the little things.
Although the big accomplishments in life are important, sometimes its the lil things that are more enjoyable.  Conversations with your best friend in the middle of the night or a quiet moment somewhere peaceful where you were just able to think, can add up to be much more important & memorable than any big thing.

3) Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Many times in life, people begin getting concerned with petty things.  What people forget is that in the long run, it doesn’t matter what “he said” or “she did.”  It’s not worth your time to get worked up about anything small or petty.

2) Hold on to your friends.
No matter what happens in your life, good or bad, your friends will be there for you.  Whether it is a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on, your friends are there for you always.

1) Make every day count.
Life is short & we never know how long we are going to have.  We must live life to the fullest EVERY DAY.  Everything we do should have a greater purpose.  We should never throw any opportunities away.

– left behind by KJC