As I was going through my tweets this morning, I noticed one.  It said the Nike Women’s Marathon (and half) was seven weeks away.  Seven weeks.

There was a little freak-out followed by a calendar verification.  Thankfully, not all people have my knack for numbers.  I’m safe by half a week.  Seven weeks seems a lot scarier then 54 days.

All my worrying (totally needless if past experience has anything to say) is hanging around these days because I have no clue what to expect come race day.  The first time is the hardest, right?  The first yoga class.  The first kayaking excursion.  The first time (& the last time) black water rafting.  The first 5k.  The first mudrun.  The first volleyball practice of the season.

Getting my hands dirty works best.  Unfortunately, I can’t run a half marathon without the training.  (Whiteboard quote: There is no glory in training but there is no glory without it.)  I’m going to need those 7.5 weeks to prep for the finish line – there are at least 3-4 miles I need to add to my long run.  The mental aspect of training has been as grueling (if not more so) than the physical training.

As one runner said “it’s not surviving the race, it’s surviving the months of training.”