I did not realize when I made my 36 x 36 list there may be certain items I would no longer want to do.  Like eating at Bottega in Napa Valley.  I still have a crush on Chef Chiarello’s culinary skill but the excitement of eating some delish food has diminished. Plus, logistically, it would be a major pain to plan with my upcoming San Francisco trip and I don’t have the extra time next spring when I run Big Sur.  A drive up (down?) the Pacific Coast Highway may suffer the same fate.

So, Bottega got nixed.  In its place is a walk (or bicycle) across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I should also add a trip to the Presidio.  The two things I was unable to do the last time I was there …for some unknown reason.  Like, getting off at the wrong bus stop and walking hours through some wooded area alone (smart, smart girl who sometimes has the worst internal GPS), finally making it to the bridge and realizing there was only enough time to take another bus back to Chinatown to meet a friend for lunch.

As best laid plans (of mice & men) often run amuck, sometimes it is just a change of heart.  Gone is the GRE (change of heart); a 30 day yoga challenge in its place.  Totally stoked about the 30 day yoga challenge; I have thought about little else all morning.  Can September 1st get here quickly?  As for my August accomplishments – it has gone from crossing off three items to completing only one.

Full Tilt ice cream tasting went to the wayside (until maybe October or May if I want to try the tequila caramel chocolate ice cream – I dare you to say its not dreamy) because some runner girl in training thought it was best to give up sugar until the day after her first half marathon.  Still gives me about 24 hours to get all the San Francisco gelato a girl can devour.

Stand up paddle-boarding was available Labor Day weekend missing my August deadline by four days.  Who would have thought all of August would be scheduled?  Blame it on the lovely sunny weather in Seattle.

Once again, I’ve rearranged my schedule and figured out availability based on what else is scheduled, the coaching season and my tentative race schedule.  Life has a way of stampeding through all my best intentions.  But again – the point.