What if that person is me?

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m still running.   Not so much why but I am a bit amazed I’m still doing it.  I think about the numerous obstacles – mostly stemming from my brain – and how any one of those obstacles could have sent me back to my couch.

In the beginning, I didn’t always take training to run a 5k seriously especially as the days got shorter & colder.  But wanting to take the training seriously because I wanted to achieve the end goal.  The sudden panic two weeks before race day when I wasn’t even running a mile straight.  Deciding to get rid of time intervals & running until I couldn’t run another step.  My mantra: mine to battle, mine to conquer, mine to take.

Yesterday, I ran my new favorite route – a route I’ve yet to fully run.  Because there are six hills, three with a 10% grade.  Usually, I walk the middle third of each hill.  It’s easy to let myself off the hook – if I just make it to that bench, that pole, I can walk the rest.  Last night, I decided I was running the whole route, hills and all.  I wasn’t concerned if it took all night but I was running those hills.  And run them I did – in record time.

What made last night different than last week?  Are my normal thoughts geared more towards leniency?  And if they are, how do I make the take no prisoners mantra the rule rather than the exception?