• My first official 10k race is on Sunday.  And my first race in 2.5 months.  This girl has been jonesin’ for a starting line.  Training without a race on the more immediate horizon is a pretty daunting task.  And it’s easy to let some days slide.  Pick up my packet tomorrow & will have a new race to add to my collection.  Brings my total for the year to 8.  Cannot wait!
  • I have been tracking my miles but have not been paying attention to the total miles run since I started this journey.  Boy, I was shocked this morning when I added it up.  306 miles!!  Major booyah!
  • My longest run arrives next Saturday (nervous & excited at the same time).  Goal is to run 11-12 miles.  Hopefully, it will give me the confidence to run 13.1 miles in October.
  • Finally, there are 30 days until that BIG race day.  The one worth all the marbles.  My daily training this week has been out of this world.  I started a 30 day yoga challenge September 1st and my runs started to suffer.  I’m chalking it up to my body having to readjust because this week, my minutes/mile were phenomenal (11:10 min/mile on Wednesday; 12:30 min/mile yesterday).  I felt strong & fast.  A lil proof in the pudding – hard work does pay off.