The You Go Girl 10k was my first race in over two months.  I had a big case of pre-race jitters on Saturday; it had been too long since I wore a race number.  (Note: do not wait 2.5 months between races.)

Race Eve
A burger for lunch left me a bit nauseous for the remainder of Saturday.  So…basically, I didn’t eat for the 18 hours prior to the race (minus the Larabar I ate for pre-race fuel).   Sometimes, I am more the clutzy girl who does everything wrong on race day.  In addition, I woke up at 2 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 3.  When my alarm went off a few hours later, I only wanted to hit the snooze button.

Six point two miles.  The distance to cover before I could reach the promise land aka the finish line.  First two miles were a bit rough.  Mostly due to the over-thinking organ between my ears.  Mile three was more of the same, add some uphill griping.  It didn’t turn around until I started running around Wright Park.  Mile four into five was mostly downhill and my pace naturally picked up and the idea of reaching the finish line quickly was the only thought in my head.  Mile six was the longest mile in my life but finally met the turn of the home stretch and ran across the finish line.

I am fond of the round the corner into the finish line set-up.  Not fond of not being able to see the big bubble finish line in the distance (totally discouraging when you just want to stop & you think you have to go up some big hill to find the finish line).  But, the downhill curve to the finish line is pretty cool.

Post Race
All I wanted after the race was a sausage mcmuffin & a nap; of which I received neither.  C’est la vie.

Race Take-aways
I feel a bit bad about my post race attitude: I was not happy with my performance.  I can be impossibly hard on myself and when I don’t perform to my standard, I may be a bit like Debbie Downer.  Yes, I crossed the finish line.  But I didn’t meet my stretch goal or my race goal; both disappointing.  Not so much that I didn’t meet the goals but the effort I put forth wasn’t a valiant one.  In my mind alone.

A few weeks ago, someone was complaining about not meeting their race goals and I told her “but you crossed the finish line.  You accomplished this major feat.”  Taking my own advice is a bitter pill to swallow.

Although I was unhappy with my performance, the race was worthwhile.  For nothing else, I have to work on my mental game before San Francisco.  I love running on my own or with a small group; feeling like caged cattle is not my idea of fun.  Running out of the starting gate feels like being herded and I get frustrated easily having to zigzag around or through large groups of people that take up a big piece of the road.  (And don’t get me started on the run walkers who use me as their running gauge.  I hate this so much, I may have words with the next offender.)

Race Highlights
I loved everything about the race: organization, volunteers, course (ok, maybe not the hills), the finisher necklace; everything was catered to making runner girls feel special.  Plus, the race fee is super reasonable: register on opening day & you pay $20 for the 10k, $65 for the half marathon (prices for the 2011 race).