I will be crossing off an unexpected item from my 36×36 list this week: do something that scares me.  As a last ditch fundraising effort (any overages will go to a teammate who is struggling), I have instituted what I feel should be an annual event: happy hour – the double dog dare you edition.

This Friday, you will find me at Engine No. 9 taking on numerous dares to fulfill my fundraising obligation & hopefully helping out another teammate reach her goal.  I can only imagine the things I will have to do for a good cause, with an option to turn down a dare if the money is not right.  The strangers I’ll have to talk to, the beer I may have to chug (am not a beer drinker nor have I ever chugged a beer), the songs I may have to sing, the spectacle I will make of myself.

So, I’m going to double dip and declare this happy hour event as “something that scares me.”  I have no problem making a fool of myself but I usually like to reserve that for storytelling and not having witnesses to any & all fumbling & bumbling that may occur.  I’ve already been told photos &/or video are required.  No end to the potential embarrassment.

So… if you’d like to get in on the fun, you can join us OR you may come up with your own dares to send my way with your donation amount and I will complete them.  Photo or video as proof.

Anything for a good cause, right?