Because I love lists & I’m way behind on sharing certain things…

10.  Finished my 30 day yoga challenge September 30th.  30 days of vinyasa & bikram yoga.  First week was the hardest but may have been more about figuring out how to schedule my life around class.  (more on this later…)

9.  I am attributing every little creak, spasm, …weirdness in my legs as a sign my legs are broken, falling apart, etc.  I hope this is normal (the over reaction, not the legs falling apart).  Now, I move around gingerly to avoid any potential mishaps.  (I cannot say this for other mishaps – because I am two for two on that this week; patiently awaiting the third.)

8.  Unable to pinpoint the cause (no sugar for 2 months, yoga or running), I’ve slashed  a minute plus from my pace.  I am uber-focused on pace and trying to not get wrapped up in knots because of it on race day.

7.  Last Friday was the inaugural happy hour: double dog dare you edition and through various dares, I “earned” about $220 for Team in Training.  I only needed $25 to reach my goal; the remainder was donated to a teammate who had been struggling.  Happy to report, that teammate, unsure she was going to make it to San Francisco, also reached her goal.  Much love to the friends who dared me to do some crazy things!

6.  My fundraising is complete!  $2450 raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thanks to ALL OF YOU.  My small team of maybe 15-20 people raised $35,000 total.  Totally awesome.

5.  Received my race day jersey on Tuesday.  It’s a tank top (which I ordered) because I was planning on wearing arm sleeves.  Except I’ve never tried on arm sleeves and am not sure where to buy them locally.  The few websites I looked at did not provide specifications: totally freaking out about having bare arms.  Plus honoring your honorees was based on those arm sleeves.  I have been playing around with other possibilities the past few days and I do have a back-up plan if the arm sleeves I ordered do not work.  I will reveal the arm sleeves next week (maybe Wednesday?).

4.  PACKING.  I must start packing.  To make it easy, I would check a bag but I really hate paying for stupid things like checked baggage fees.  I am considering taking a weekend bag but I have such a hard time packing.  As in, I pack too much.  Already on my list is three pairs of shoes for a four day, three night trip.  Goal for the next week: trim my packing list.

3.  I am a planner.  I will research, read, plan until I know the entire city like the back of my hand.  Minus certain things like a map as I am notorious for getting lost.  I have a few “must do” things on my list: walk or ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, attend a yoga class (preferrably an anti-gravity class) and visit City Light Books again.  As I learn more about the TNT events for this trip, I have decided to do something that scares me (again): I am going with no plan.  I will just see where the mood & the wind take me.  Keeping my fingers crossed it still includes a jaunt across the bridge.

2.  Opposite of no plans, I do plan on stuffing my face with gelato post race.  There is a little place in Union Square with 40 gelato flavors.  That is where you’ll find me Sunday afternoon.  I’ll pretend I’m sitting with my best friend Mel chowing down on Korean BBQ and testing gelato flavors.

1.  Finally: I have 10 days until race day.  It equally feels unreal and also very real, like it can’t get here fast enough.  Yesterday, I was caught off guard because I thought, in a few weeks, I will have a 13.1 sticker on the back of my car.  My second thought was “Really?  Already?”  This has been quite the journey: the girl who signed up for Team in Training is not the same girl who is going to run a half marathon race next week.  And that is totally mind blowing.