NaCl, better known as salt, may have improved my race performance in San Francisco.  A cramp at mile seven defined a big portion of my half marathon experience.  I was later told I lacked salt in my system.  Also evident by my swelling fingers, so swollen by the finish line, it hurt to make a fist.  Running friends told tales of cramped legs made better with a dab of salt on the tongue.  If I had only known!

For a girl who eats little salt (except on fries – lightly salted),  the thought of downing straight salt is appalling.  I am willing to look past this disgust if it improves running function.  Praying, there are no photographers around when I take it.


Next race, I will place post-it notes everywhere to remind me to hydrate pre-race.  I was really good about hydrating days in advance but the morning of, I was wrapped up in remembering everything else & getting to the starting line.  Hydration was the furthest thing from my mind.

It did cross my mind as I reached the first water stop at mile two.  After that, my goal was to get through the next two miles to reach the next water stop.  And because I was so dehydrated, I drank too much (cup of gatorade, cup of water, refilled each once).  This was also problematic: I had an upset stomach full of jostling liquid.  It took almost half a mile before my stomach settled.  Around this time, I was in desperate need of more water.  Along with hydrating pre-race , I am experimenting with a water belt on my training runs.

I am crossing my fingers these two improvements will make the next half marathon in Seattle more pleasant.  If you can call running 13.1 miles pleasant…