Without a team to keep me accountable to my training schedule, I think it is time to keep myself more focused on my running goals.  For the first time since the site’s inception, I will post the months goals & results.


  • # miles planned: 75
  • # of Races: 3 (5k Obstacle Course, 5k & half marathon)
  • # yoga classes: 5
  • # of MRTs:  4
  • 36×36 items to cross off: 3 (stop biting nails, 31 day reset, & begin my Christmas project)
  • Misc: no sugar minus shot blox and the occassional gatorade
This is going to be the hardest month for me in regards to training with maybe a follow up in December.  Scheduling seems to be a bit crazy with volleyball try-outs (only three days of my time) but add in the week I am staying with my grandmother, I lose a week for yoga classes or training runs (at least Monday through Friday).  I am toying with the thought of early morning training runs and it does not make me happy.  Who wants to wake up at 5am & run across the bridge?  As a bonus, I will have the opportunity to take my dog sister for a few short training runs while I stay with my grandma.  Running with a dog = bliss.
** 5k Obstacle course cancelled… **