The past few weekends my long runs have been near unbearable feats of running.  The eight mile run over the bridge in the rain started off good but by mile seven, I was completely finished.  (Also soaking wet.)  Last weekend, the ten mile long run through most of Gig Harbor was a lesson in doubt and distraction; both of whom are poor teachers.  I am not sure I ran more than seven miles.

I am starting to wonder if running a second half marathon so soon is smart.  If I don’t, it messes with my Half Fanatics eligibility (3 half marathons in 90 days) & that is not something I can let happen.  I am not even sure I will be prepared except for having done one a month ago.  But this half is about redemption and improving my time.  I cannot NOT do it.

Does anyone know if there is an off switch for the brain?  Maybe I need to change up my routes.  Maybe run with a buddy?  Or maybe I need to start every run with a hard problem and spend the miles solving it instead of thinking about running.

Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else.  It’s the ache in your lungs & the burning in your legs.  And the voice inside you that says CAN’T.  But you don’t listen.  You push harder.  And then you hear the voice whisper can.  And you discover the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are. (anonymous)