A few months ago a friend told me to check out the movie “Spirit of the Marathon” – free to watch on hulu.  Part of me wishes I watched it before San Francisco.  Part of me is also a believer in things (books, movies, people, etc) finding you when you need to be found.

I recommended the movie to a runner friend who is all about the short distances – likes to run them fast.  After watching this movie, he is inspired to qualify for Boston.  Which means he not only has to cover 26.2 miles, he has to do them quickly.  His calculation: run faster than a 7:15 pace over 26 miles to qualify.

And still, I didn’t watch this movie.

Until tonight.  (And only about half way through the movie.)

Watching the first half tonight, it reminded me running is supposed to be fun.  I think I’ve been far too focused on other things to simply enjoy the activity.

Thanks to buttahcup (everyone needs a buttahcup in their life to give them a swift kick in the pants every now & then), I also realized all training runs post San Francisco have been to the same playlist.  And say what you will about the brain (and maybe my over-thinking one), I have cut out about the same place in my training runs as I did in San Francisco.

Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But this superstitious girl is making a new playlist to try out on her long run this weekend.