The summer of 2007, I was on the prowl for a dog.  I checked out a neighborhood pet store: played with the $3500 english bulldog puppy and the drool happy $3000 dogue de bordeaux (a la Turner & Hooch).  Yes, those dogs were way out of my budget but when does a girl pass up the chance to play with puppies?  I searched the humane society websites and searched breeders.  I took endless “what is the right dog for you?” quizzes.  I decided what I wanted was the ever lazy but snore heavy english bulldog.  Who didn’t love their pudgy puppy legs and wrinkly fat faces?

I also decided the perfect time to get this new dog was after the volleyball season was over.  In the meantime, I would keep searching for rescue english  bulldogs (of which I was told there were few to be rescued because everyone loved how lazy the dogs are).

And then one morning in November, I received an email touting the awesomeness of a rescue website.  I immediately clicked through to the website, searched for the dogs in North Carolina and fell in love with one face.

Fell in love with THIS face...

Seriously, how could you not fall in love with this face.  And how could anyone give up this face?

I headed into a weekly executive team meeting, thinking of nothing but this furry white creature.  At the end of the meeting, our director asked what everyone’s weekend plans were.  I blurted out “I want to get this dog.  But in two weeks I am on vacation for a week and it will be too late to have her boarded the week of Thanksgiving.”  The director said she would dog sit for me if I adopted the dog.

That was all it took.  I called the rescue and learned in four days, this beautiful girl would be euthanized.  Because I had try-outs the next day (all day), I wouldn’t be able to drive the 2.5 hours to meet her.  And they wouldn’t be able to hold the euthanization if I didn’t adopt her.  In an impulsive moment, I decided to adopt her without meeting her.  Five months before planned, I would pick up my new dog the following weekend.

That week I picked up Cesar Milan’s book to read all about being the pack leader, purchased those new dog supplies and fretted over the most important part – her name.  I could only come up with one name but decided to wait until I met her before I made any decision final.  As a kid, I was going to name various pets after all the characters in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.  I settled on Baloo.  But Baloo was a bit awkward to say, especially if you had to say it multiple times.  I settled on naming her blu; blu was the perfect fit.