I was not quite sure I would make it to the eve of half marathon numero dos.  More, I wasn’t sure I would be running the Seattle half tomorrow.  A few weeks ago, in my second crossfit class, I overdid it on the dead lifts and have since been babying a hurting hamstring and knee.

Yesterday at the marathon expo, I picked up some kinesio tape and received a short tutorial on how to use it.  Let me tell you: this stuff is gold.  I went for a short shake-out run this morning and only once had the shooting pain up my hamstring.  And my pace continues to improve.  Either crossfit is working wonders or I run better with pain.

Unlike my first half, I have been slacking big time.  I have a playlist for the race and thought it would be a nice touch to only have Seattle musicians in my ear while running the streets of Seattle.  And then thought I could add the songs I loved in college (because this was when I first saw Pearl Jam live).  Instead, I have dropped five hours of songs I could tolerate running to.

No order.  No strategy.  No excel spreadsheet breaking up my miles with fitting songs.  Tomorrow morning it will be shuffle and run.

Goals for tomorrow:

1) Finish the race
2) Beat my time in San Francisco
3) Have a good time (I get to run through a tunnel for crying out loud!!)

I will tell y’all how it shakes out in a few days.  For now, I have to figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow.  It was so much easier when I was given a uniform. (Do I wear a jacket?  What if it gets hot?  Best to wear a base layer & short sleeve on top?  Wear my sleeves and a tee?  Too many options!)