How I stacked up in November:

  • Goal #1: run 75 miles
    Reality: I ran 53 miles
    LowDown: First, I am not always good at math.  I’m great at math but sometimes I’m …not.  I planned on running 89 miles in November and felt giving myself 14 miles of wiggle room would be sufficient.  Apparently, I planned running 74 miles (instead of 89) because my math was off.
    Remedy: double check your math!  Isn’t that what they teach you in school?  Also, taking up a new venture took priority to running after work.  Choices.  I made one.
  • Goal #2:  attend 5 yoga classes
    Reality: 3 yoga classes
    LD: Those two yoga classes I missed were due to my new venture & working late one night.
  • Goal #3:  run 3 races
    Reality: I ran 2 races
    LD: The race I didn’t attend was the Pineapple Classic 5k Obstacle Course.  The team I was going to register with fell through.  And signing up so late was going to cost me $120.  I did run the Gig Harbor Turkey Trot and the Amica Seattle Half Marathon.  Set a half marathon PR (personal record) and could have PR’d the turkey trot had I not stopped to take pictures.
  • Goal #4: complete 4 MRTs (Mud Run Trainings)
    Reality: completed 5 crossfit classes
    LD: My new venture was to sign up for crossfit which is essentially like an MRT.  Completed five classes and will be back in the gym sometime this week (after I heal from the half).
  • Goal #5: No sugar
    Reality: I was mostly good.  Minus the occasional ice cream.  And pumpkin bar.
  • Goal #6: {36×36 list} stop biting nails, 31 day reset & Christmas project
    Nail biting: I ignored this until 11/29.  Nothing like working on the last minute.  This is going to be an ongoing item.  I purchased some nail polish specializing in breaking people of the nail biting habit.  I have yet to bite my nails (in the last 48 hours); I’m unsure what kind of horror awaits for the random moment when I forget.
     31 day reset: I am two days shy of finishing my reset and cannot wait to start my annual review.  More on the annual review to show up in the next few weeks.
    Christmas project: Like the nail biting, I am waiting last minute to start my holiday project.  I will get a jump on it this weekend.  I hope.

Now, for December goals…

  • Run 100 miles.  (Double checked my math.)  Switching to early morning training + gym membership to insure this gets done.
  • Yoga: 5 classes
  • Crossfit: 7 classes
  • Races: 1 (Yukon Do It Half Marathon)
  • 36×36 list: eligible to join Half Fanatics / complete Christmas project / continue with the no nail biting
  • Misc: annual review / bring lunch to work every day / make breakfast at home