I have been working on my 2011 year in review & focusing on 2012 goals this past week.  And I’ve wanted to do little else including writing here.  Consider it remedied.

2011 Goals Notes Completed
Run 3 5k races Finished 4 races Check
Run 1st 10k by 6/25 Finished 10k Mudrun 6/18 Check
Train & complete Mudrun Crossed finish line w/ a muddy face Check
Run 5 10k races Ran 2 10k races Half check
Run half marathon by 12/31 Will run 3 half marathons by 12/31 Check x3
Strength Training Started crossfit in November Half check
Register for Big Sur Marathon Registered 7/15/11 Check
Take up yoga Completed 30 day challenge Check


For the most part, I completed 81% of the running goals I set out to complete in 2011. A few caveats: I didn’t compete in five 10k races but instead I completed two half marathons with a third in less than two weeks. Each half marathon equals two 10k races; using that rationale, I accomplished that goal as well. I’m only giving myself half credit for strength training. I did keep up with mudrun training through March but gave it up when I joined Team in Training. And although I started crossfit in November, I have yet to attend a class in December (resting my knee). I am going back January 2nd.

In addition, the purpose of running a 10k before 6/25 was to run the distance of the mudrun before the mudrun. A small technicality: the mudrun was 6/18 (not 6/25 as I thought) and I could say I completed that goal as well. Cheating, I know.

This is the only category in my 2011 Annual Review where I earned a “B”, and a “B-” at that. The other categories fared much worse. All in all, I ended up completing 50% of the goals I set out for myself last December. Some were no longer a priority for me, others, I bombed for various reasons.

My 2012 running / health goals will be available on Thursday and I will share the annual review process this weekend.