Running & I have had a love / hate relationship the past few months.  I don’t feel I’ve had a good race since July.  Tether those thoughts with some doubts I am having about preparing for a full marathon, add lack of mileage in December & throw in some leg pain, I have the trinity of race day disaster written all over me.

I want to have a good race.  I want to enjoy running along the water with views of the Olympic Peninsula & Seattle.  I want it to be easier then the last two races and with a mostly flat course it should be.  I want the weather to cooperate & is forecasted to do so.  Mostly, I want to have fun.

As much as I want my brain to shut down the thinking portion, it is near impossible to achieve.  The course will help with an out & back route.  Like driving some place new, the distance there seems to drag on forever but on the way home it seems incredibly fast.  If I can get through the first 6.5 miles, I’ll be home free.

I keep reminding myself the importance of enjoying the journey.  As much emphasis is placed on crossing the finish line, I need to remember to live the moment.  If I can do that tomorrow, it will be a good run.