I confess my December goals were mostly ignored.  To remedy the situation I am moving to weekly goals instead.  Shorter term goals will keep me a bit more focused & accountable to completing them.

The December Rundown

Goal Actual
Run 100 miles 40 miles FAIL
Five yoga classes Zero yoga classes FAIL
Seven crossfit classes Zero crossfit classes FAIL
Races – 1 (Yukon Do It) Finished
Eligible to join Half Fanatics Sending off registration soon!
Christmas Project Accomplished
No nail biting Still going strong

I cannot pinpoint any one issue for failing at my running goal. I was positive re-joining the gym and having access to a treadmill would make it easier to get up early in the morning to run. And then the treadmill happened. For me, running three miles on the treadmill is cruel & unusual punishment. I get bored. Even if I’m watching basketball.

As for Crossfit, I decided to take the month off and start again in January. My knee has been acting up all month. The moment I felt it was on the mend, I decided to play volleyball for 2.5 hours, jump serving the entire time. Then I went back the second night and a third night. My knee has hated me every day since.

On good notes, I did complete my third half marathon and am now eligible to join Half Fanatics. I continue to refrain from biting my nails. I was told after 30 days I can count it as a crossed off goal (it takes 27 days to break a habit). My Christmas project was also completed. It is going to change how I do gifts in the future. I’ve also decided to start Christmas in July next year allowing me to be free to do as I please in December.

The Week Ahead

Goal # of times
Attend yoga 1
Crossfit class 1
Volleyball league 1
Run 5 miles

It is a rest week after a big race; my focus is on recovery. The following week my full marathon training starts (what was I thinking?). I meet with my training group on Saturday. I also love I will be doing this with buttahcup. Safety in numbers!

As for my 36×36 list, January 1st starts my month-long frugal challenge. It is going to be a big challenge but once done will set the tone for the rest of the year. My reward: a trip to Chicago to see the Boston Celtics take on the Bulls.