Marathon training starts this week!  Specifically, yesterday.  There is a part of me doing cartwheels all over the place; there is also a part full of negative self talk.  I am not quite sure what happened at mile 7 in San Francisco, but it is going to be my demon to conquer in the upcoming months.

All I could think after meeting with my new training group: at some point in the next four months, I am going to break down.  It will probably involve tears – of the loud, sobbing variety.  The other option is a full-blown tantrum: less tears & more fisticuffs with inanimate objects.  In the middle of a long run.  On a trail.  In front of the whole world.  At least that is how I have pictured it in my head.

Lizard brain – you’re on vacation until further notice.

Because this runner girl needs to cross the finish line.  Okay, maybe need is a bit strong.  I want to cross the finish line.  I need it for my sanity.  I do not want to be swept from the course because I don’t meet the time limit.

{Note to self: your first race at a new distance should not have a time limit.}

Not only will I be über-focused on my training & all things related, I also have to figure out how to run 26.2 miles sans music.  Not being able to run without music may be the hardest part of training & my event.  Starting this weekend, I will be running without musical motivation on my long runs.  I’m already freaking out over the lack of music for a short six mile run Saturday.

Perhaps to my benefit, I have read it is easier to run without music on scenic routes.  Big Sur is gorgeous; come race day, it may be my saving grace.  Until then, I am going to find distraction elsewhere.  {Or a way to fashion wireless earplugs for my sunglasses.}

Good-bye iPod.  I’ll see you again on Sunday.