First week of marathon training: done.  I ran with my new training group on Saturday on my local trail in the rain, sick.  Maybe not the wisest decision because I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping or catching up on movies.

Yoga/Pilates: I know yoga is beneficial for running.  There are numerous benefits but I am having a hard time fitting yoga into my schedule.  Plus, I am not sure how good it is when I can only get in a class or two a week.  (Better than nothing.  I know.)  In addition to a lack of time, I am not sure I can afford the extra classes.  Crossfit & the gym are taking precedence.  I did attend one pilates class last week with the Russian instructor who makes us do eye exercises (strangest thing I’ve ever done).

Crossfit: After being absent the month of December, I returned to Crossfit last week with my tail between my legs.  The coach said the hardest thing you will ever do is to walk through the door the first time.  Hardest thing, is walking through the door after a long absence & believing everyone thinks you’re a total slacker.  My first day back seemed somewhat low-key.  And by low-key, I mean, it has gotten progressively harder.  (Look up “toe to bar” and you will see the kind of suck I’ve attempted to put my body through.)

I met my goal of two classes last week, although, it would appear I got the side-eye when I told the coach I was only coming in twice a week.  Starting February, I have to attend four classes a week.  Stoked.  (You see the falling confetti, right?)

Volleyball: It has been a long time since I have played competitive volleyball. And I am so energized and excited about playing.  I miss my Charlotte leagues.  I hope my team stays together during the summer but if not, I may have to venture out (again) and find good play in Seattle.  So far, my searches have come up with less than stellar play.  I mean, who doesn’t use cut shots in grass doubles?

Running: I ran nine miles last week.  A few miles short.  My only excuse: I was sick.  My long training run Saturday sans music held a running epiphany (details on that tomorrow) and I felt faster.  Whether that is true or not, I’ll never know.  I would like to think Crossfit is helping already.  I have to decrease my pace by a least a minute for the end of April.

On tap this week:

  • Crossfit – 2 classes
  • Volleyball – 2 hours
  • Running – 19 miles

And because I keep forgetting this small detail: I have a race on Saturday!  Ten miles in Steilacoom with free baked potatoes after I cross the finish line.  Here’s hoping the weather turns better in the next few days.

Sun-dance, I'm on it.