As much as I believe the value of effort, I also believe this:

You either do it.  Or you don’t. 

It is incredibly hard to explain this to my players (people, in general) because they have been taught effort is key.  Really, effort is the link.

Although crossfit is hard, I feel like I’ve been coasting for the past two weeks.  It is tough but I have left each session knowing I had given everything I had.  There was nothing left in the fuel tank.  I did not do the highest version of an activity but I did the scaled version & completed each session.

Last night was different.  I cannot even explain what was wrong.  I went into the session with high hopes (we were lifting not the “other stuff” I hate doing).  I was ready to get to work.  So ready, I forgot to do a portion of the warm-up (including lunges & dips).  PR’d my squat weight last night.

Then I prepped for the timed portion 21 dead lifts + 21 front squats (15, 15, 9, 9).  First round dead lifts: easy.  First round front squats: not so much.  There was a lot of strain on my wrist plus some idiot decided to do extra squats before this exercise.  Given an alternative hold for the front squats helped my wrist but not the bar on my clavicle (the bar wouldn’t hold still).  My last set of squats felt like I was barely moving my legs.

I cannot remember the last time I felt a burn working out but this leg workout did it.  I had to shuffle up & down stairs.  I even considered riding down the concrete steps to my door on my tail.  It hurt.  Still does.

I feel like I did not give my total effort.  In part because I skipped 7 (ish) reps on the front squat.  Focus, discipline & effort have been on my mind a lot the past week.  Big Sur is constantly on my brain and if I don’t give everything I have in training & preparation, I am not going to succeed.  And that is totally unacceptable.