I may finally be settling into my new routine.  It has taken some time to feel out how to add crossfit, running, volleyball (coaching & playing) into my work & life schedule.

This is as close as I have gotten to achieving my weekly goals (meaning next week, I need to kill it).

  • Crossfit – 2 classes √
  • Volleyball – 2 hours √
  • Running – 19 miles (I ran 16.5 miles this week.  So close!!)
A few good things about this week: my Friday attitude adjustment carried into Saturday’s run.  I was determined to have a great ten mile run with my training group.  I showed up Saturday to meet a new runner friend (who is going to need a nickname).  We ran the first 3.5 miles together and I felt great.  I have no clue what my pace was because my running app stalled when I received a phone call (oops) but it was a good run.  For a girl who still considers herself an introvert, it was easy talking with my new runner pal.
After she turned back (she is training for a half marathon), I continued across the bridge (my one time nemesis – maybe that is too strong a word).  When I ran into my friend buttahcup, she said “You’re really fast today!”  Made my day.  I don’t always feel like a runner but there are moments when I do; Saturday was one of those runs.  I made it back to the starting point and was happy with my effort.
That in itself is impressive.  Although I have finished three half marathons, running this distance without walk breaks seems like a daunting task.  I am hoping this new found attitude is around to stay.  (I know, it is all my choice!)  Also, I didn’t think about listening to music once.  Improvement.
On deck this week:
  • Crossfit – 2 classes
  • Volleyball – 2 hours
  • Running – 16 miles

At some point in the next few weeks, I have to increase my crossfit classes to three, possibly four classes each week.  (Your reaction is most likely my reaction – did you cringe?)  Crossfit is kicking my tail – muscles are sore for days after – but I also feel all the leg work I’ve done this week (front & back squats + deadlifts) truly improved my 10 mile run.  That was the purpose of putting myself through the craziness.

In the next few weeks I am embarking on some new adventures & I cannot wait to share them with you.  Some are a bit scary to share but only because I know y’all personally.  My last secret…to be revealed next week.  Until then, happy trails.