I have a bucket list.  I’m positive it looks like your bucket list (especially if your bucket list includes activities like getting in a shark cage to view the great white shark up close & in your face).  I opened my excel spreadsheet list this weekend because I wanted to add a must visit place when I eventually travel to Thailand.

Since I’m sure you’re dying to know: That trip wish list looks a bit like Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, scuba in Phuket and now a visit to Koi Samui.  We’re going to avoid the teensy conflict of my dislike for spicy Asian food & cooked vegetables.  I can live on steamed rice & fish for a few weeks.  Plus, an endless supply of protein bars.

Off tangent.

As I was scrolling through my list for updates, I realized I could cross three items off my list.  They are all related but it is great when you can cross something off.  In my case, I got to strike through running a 10k, a mudrun & a half marathon.

I did those things.

They say sometimes we focus so much on the goal ahead, we sometimes forget how far we’ve come.  I’ve come a long way: a five mile run is now an easy run when 14 months ago, I couldn’t run one mile.  (I cannot wait for the day when 10 miles seems easy!)  I ran the bridge this past weekend compared to the 1st time when I had to walk / run “lightpole” intervals because the grade was too strenuous on my lungs & legs.

Today is about celebrating those successes.