I assume it is too early in the training process to need a recovery week especially since I was unable to run during our snow week.  My legs seemed to need the rest after the 10 mile run the previous week.  I did not attend one crossfit class.  And I was exhausted playing volleyball.

To continue on this path, running was also hard.  Tuesday nights’ four miles stopped at three and there was a lot of walking.  Skipped Thursday.  (Truthfully, I chose sleeping in over running.)  Saturday, instead of running eight miles on pavement, half of my team ran trails at McCormick Forest.  New favorite running venue.

I hate to confess this but since my training began in April, I have yet to hit a 20 mile week.  I’ve been close but have never quite crossed that threshold.  This week will be my first.  My long run Saturday is 12 miles (scary!).

If all goes well, here is my goal for the week:

  • Crossfit – 2 classes
  • Volleyball – 2 hours
  • Running – 24 miles

It is unnerving to think my training is already a quarter finished.  I have 83 days until race day and I’m starting to doubt the sanity of this event.  Last week, after the 10 mile run, I felt great but after the seven mile trail run, not so hot.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The good news: running feels good again.  Fun, even.  And that is a big improvement over the past few months.  Running with people has a definite advantage over running solo.