Week in Review

  • Did not attend crossfit again this week.  I am a wee bit nervous to go back tomorrow morning.  And yes, I have to go in the morning.  No more sleeping in.
  • Volleyball – check.  I am a bit amazed at how my energy has increased from the last season to the present one.  After about three games, I was ready to call it a night.  Now, six games in of competitive play (running a 5-1, playing setter), I am ready for more.  I feels great to be “hands” again.
  • Running: ran about 15 miles this week.  Lectured about running intervals.  Told I had great running form (yay!).
  • Breathing test – I have awesome-better-than-predicted lung capacity & oxygen diffusion.  I was told, “lungs like yours are usually found in singers, runners & swimmers.”  Score.  The nurse did not understand why I was there (“I don’t hear any wheezing”).  I go back on Tuesday for my consultation with the doctor.

The Week Ahead

I am excited about the week ahead.  Mostly, because I am heading to Chicago to watch the Celtics take on the Bulls.  Keep your fingers crossed & say prayers I will get to see a healthy Big Three + Rondo and Pietrus (my new favorite player).

I am sure there will be an entire post on Chicago because, frankly, I’m excited about the whole trip.  I plan on running in Chicago (stoked) and it may be the only time I have the guts to wear a Celtics tee.  (Not quite sure I can wear one to the game… I’m a-skeered.)  I also get to see a Charlotte friend who happens to be in town for work at the same time.  Plus, she seems to know the best breakfast places in every city.

Other than a short vacation, I am trying a new product recommended by a friend.  I will share more later because I want to give it a fair chance to work (no jumping to conclusions here).  I am excited for the possibilities it offers.

Other than that, I still have to squeeze in a crossfit class and 16 miles, four of those in Chicago.

Hope the rest of you have an A-MAH-ZING week!