On February 1st, the Chicago Marathon opened up registration for their race in October.  I was excited to register for the race until I started estimating how much it was going to cost.  I had my hotel room reserved for race weekend at the same hotel I stayed at last week but the rate had increased by over $100.  Who knew October was prime tourist season in Chicago?

I started pricing three races: Portland, Victoria & Chicago.  Victoria won.  As February 1st, came and went, reading the excited twitter chatter about the Chicago marathon, I was both bummed and happy with my decision.  Several friends are running Victoria where it would be me in Chicago, alone.  Five days after registration for Chicago opened, the race sold out.

And then I had the greatest time in the Windy City.  Greatest time.  And it seemed like 2012 was made for Chicago.  Had I registered for the race, by years end, I would have visited three times.  As I was waiting in the much hated O’Hare for my flight home, I received an email from Team in Training.  They had 35 spots available for the Chicago Marathon!!  Was this a sign?

Do I team up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society again?  I have to raise almost $3000.  Friends have done back to back TNT events – could I rely on donations from the kindness of your hearts?  I didn’t feel like that was going to work for me a second time especially as some of my old teammates are having a more difficult time fundraising for their summer events.  I was blessed to do little fundraising for Nike and received donations from people because I asked.  I know, this time around, I would have to work my tail off fundraising with various events to even get close to the minimum donation amount.

Mid-flight, an idea struck.  An event – aBIG event – and if I can pull if off, I believe, it would be the end of fundraising for this event.  One and done.  The idea is appealing and I am in major research mode this week to see if it will even be possible.  Brainstorming with my sister last weekend made it seem even more possible & that the idea is a good one – one that people will be excited to attend.

So stay tuned!  I am afraid to air the idea right now – I want to make sure I can pull it off & also I don’t want others to steal it.  (I know – paranoid or something.)  I am in search of some help though – specifically, someone who can create a one or two page website as part of my marketing strategy, connected to paypal for advance ticket sales (including email w/ tickets for the event).  I am also looking for this person to donate their time (or I could get you free entry into the event & maybe a few other perks – see if my persuasive magic works).  Or if anyone knows a simple website design program I can do on my own…??

More to come.