The class: Secrets of Perfectly Prepared Fish
The heroes: Squirrely & moi
The villian: Janet

The set-up:  Apparently, Janet & I started off on the wrong foot.  I took two spaces that appeared to be empty, only to have Janet tell me she was already stationed there.  After I moved, she turned to me & said I didn’t have to move.  My boss shared this with a coworker recently: “Nicole loves humanity but she hates people.”  And its totally true.  Especially when you have to deal with the Janet’s of the world.

Dish 1: Ginger Glazed Mahi-Mahi
Instead of mahi-mahi, we used escolar (not recommended – for taste & health reasons).  My job was to hand squeeze 1.5 cups of orange juice.  I cannot really tell you much about the glaze we made because, well, Janet made most of it with Squirrely’s occasional* reprimands.  Our finished escolar product was hard to swallow for this fair-weathered eater.  Can a fish be mushy & bouncy at the same time?

Dish 2: Roasted Cod with Thyme, Olives & Cherry Tomatoes
I have no clue what I did for this dish – maybe I was still squeezing oranges.  I noticed Squirrely gave Janet the job of de-leafing (even a word?) the thyme far away from our camp stove.

Dish3: Grilled Tuna w/ Sesame Sriracha Aioli
There are a few things I’m good at: spelling, board/card games & anything that requires brute strength.  I was in charge of whisking the aioli as Squirrely poured the oil.  I had no clue mayonnaise was so easy to make.  There were four groups in our class & each group was in charge of making aioli differently: via mini food processor, big food processor, some special blender contraption & by hand.  My group mode was hand powered.  And each of us let out a lil groan for that.  Between Ashley (the other girl in our group – a good one) & my whisking skills plus Squirrely’s slow oil pouring skills, we made the best & only usable aioli in the class.  I guess machines are not always the best option: the food processors & blender created a watery mixture.

Salmon w/ Lemon Chive Beurre Blanc / Tuna Sans Aioli / Cod w/ Olives, Tomatoes & Feta

Dish 4: Seared Salmon w/ Lemon-Chive Beurre Blanc

I was semi in charge of the beurre blanc on this one.  And besides Janet almost burning the pink out of our salmon, it was a quick dish.  (Salmon below was from another group.)

And the infamous sesame sriracha aioli (at 3 o'clock)!

Thumbs up to the salmon although I could take or leave the beurre blanc & the tuna w/ aioli (minus the burning sriracha tongue – mine).  The cod had a strong olive-y taste which was a tad bit offensive (insert a Squirrely side eye for the use of a tad bit.)  And the bouncy, mushy escolar was too sweet.

I did learn a bit in the class.  And I am interested in taking future classes although I will say a prayer Janet is not in the class.  The chef instructor was awesome as was the English grandmother sous chef I want to adopt.  Plus I got to hang w/ Squirrely who could have taught the class.

Squirrely would give me the evil side eye for the use of the word “occasional” because she nearly lost a finger when Janet reached across Squirrely’s station (Squirrely was chopping onions) & there may have been 2 or 3 (or more) times she nearly burned Squirrely with our camp stove.