Originally, visiting Buddy Guy’s Legends was on my 36×36 list but realized I wouldn’t travel to Chicago until October (after I turned 36).  The plan to visit in October was crossed off too (cost assessment of Chicago vs Victoria marathon & later by a wedding).

Strangely, I have had the opportunity to visit twice in the past two months and have totally fallen in love with the city.  O’Hare has been incredibly cooperative as well.  Due to the second trip, I decided Buddy Guy’s had to go back on the list.

And man, totally worth it.

My love of the blues may have been inspired by Adventures in Babysitting or maybe any gritty voice and a steel guitar hit me deep.  buttahcup & I arrived after taking the train to Lula’s Cafe and a delicious dinner.  The bouncers are no joke here; no smiles – all business.  Actually, none of the staff seemed to be overly personable.

But the music… the music made up for it.

After the opening band played, it was a potpourri of musicians on the stage à la open mike night.  Maybe it is more amazing because in learning to play an instrument, the process was more an academic endeavor.  The random musicians they placed on stage had only a few seconds before their set to figure music & logistics to play together.  And then be flexible for individual riffs.

The second group of musicians were my favorite; maybe because the lead singer had the gritty voice I love & played a steel guitar.  The bass player was from the Legend’s house band and he was impressive.  (No photos because my phone ran out of battery.)

There won’t be another trip to Chicago this year (unless I can find a sponsor) but I am already planning a trip next year in my head (Wrigley Field, Shedd Aquarium, Topolobampo,…).  The other option is to move there.  Did I just say that out loud?