This is going to be photo heavy.  And some are the exact same angle over time.  But I was having too much fun last week taking (hopefully) undercover photos.  Something I am going to explore a bit more.  Minus the 1st photo & the plane photos, the rest were taken as I charged my phone near the Starbucks in Terminal H at O’Hare.

In April 2009, I ate at this Chili’s (above) while waiting for a flight to San Francisco to meet my BFF.  That trip started a chain reaction that brought me back to the west coast.  Three months later, I moved cross country.

These kids reminded me of Hewey, Louie & Dewey w/ their baseball hats.

Taken slightly right of my perch was this group of photos.  How any woman can wear these heels traveling is a marvel.

To the left of my seat: looks like I got caught.  Hopefully he was just checking out the Starbucks menu.

To my immediate right & behind me: ordering & waiting for coffee.  I’m a bit shocked they even turned out (any of these photos) because there were often some phone gymnastics to get these shots.  I’m undercover, remember?

And right across from my perch was the gate documented below.  Although they may not be the best photos, I am totally fascinated by them.

And finally, few plane shots prior to boarding…