I have about seven photography apps on my phone – most have remained dormant.  If Chicago was all about the retro camera, then Big Sur was all about the panorama.  But really, when you have rock strewn coast lines & an ocean that never quits, how can you capture even a remote portion of that without a panoramic view?  (Also, totally unsure how they will look formatted here… but click on them for a bigger view.)


Between China & Bird Rock

Bird Rock

Fanshell Overlook


Between Sand Hill & China Cove (across from the Mound Meadow)

Closer to China Cove

And finally, a very foggy look at Bixby Bridge.  You can see a vague sliver of coast line.  So much for seeing the famous bridge (except in bits & pieces).

Bixby Bridge

Anyone interested in a trip down the California coast?