Yesterday, someone asked what my plans were for the weekend.  I shrugged & said I was running a half marathon.  I realized later how strange that sounded, even to my ears.

Because once, a half marathon seemed like an impossible distance.  And although I won’t be running the entire half this weekend (my training has been sporadic at best), the allure of running thirteen miles has diminished.  Don’t get me wrong: I have many improvements to make at this distance.  But the scary part – the impossible part – is no longer there.

What makes this weekend better:

1. buttahcup will be running her first full marathon.  I can’t wait to congratulate her on joining an even smaller number of people who run this distance.  (Something crazy like the 1% of the 1%.)

2. The infamous Robby K is running his first half marathon this weekend & has a goal time of 85 minutes.  For those non-math wiz’s – that is a 6:45 minute mile!  For 13.1 miles!  This race is big for several reasons – one reason which he thinks is not as important.  He is not a planner.  All his past races, his modus operandi is to sign up the morning of the race.  So, for him to sign up months in advance and put in the training is a bigger accomplishment than just crossing the finish line.  He has his eye on a BQ this year (in his 1st or 2nd marathon).

I can’t wait to hear their stories!

3. A few of my TNT girls are heading to Portland this weekend to run the inaugural Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon.  Part of me wishes I was joining them because these girls are top notch & really, some of the most inspirational girls I know.

Wishing everyone swift feet & great weather this weekend!  And if you’re not running, I’ll wish you fair skies.