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At the beginning of June, three friends & I took on a 50 mile relay that started at Mt. Rainier and ended along the waterfront in Tacoma.

Each of these legs bring back a ton of memories.  I was originally assigned legs 1, 5, and 9.  Due to some navigation issues (on my part), buttahcup ran back to back legs (8 & 9) and my last leg was number ten.

Start of the race near Mt Rainier

So pretty!!

The first leg was mine and since my training had been spotty, it made my day that it wasn’t too terribly bad (minus the old couple passing me).  I was close to my expected time for 5 miles and maybe if I hadn’t stopped to take photos… but it was so beautiful!

About a mile into the run

A few miles later

Happy to be finished with my leg, we cheered Robby K as he ran under this bridge.

The muddy path below the bridge… I received many complaints about the muddy trails. So muddy, he lost his shoe at one point. (Karma would get its pay back.)

View from the bridge

Leg 5 was hot but paved and some familiar running territory.

Karma Leg 10. Most of the leg was this sandy trail. At times, the fine sand was hard to run in. The kicker though was the large mud puddle covering the whole trail for about 30 feet. I tried walking up the steep embankment & decided that was the wrong choice. I backed down & tried climbing through a fallen trees branches, slipped in mud and landed knee deep in the mud puddle, horse sh!t and all. Karmic payback.

Team More Cowbell at the finish line.

The relay was so much fun.  Even though we complained about our running legs, the legs in between were a total blast.  It was fun cheering everyone on.  I’m still amazed we ran from Mt Rainier to Ruston Way in Tacoma.  We are already planning on having more teams next year.


It was a good start to this lil challenge especially since I was out of the office for half the week (equals lunch out).  I did cut out sugar minus the dipped cone I had Saturday.  All in all, a good start.

On deck: a 7 day cleanse (mostly fruits & vegetables with a few days of poultry thrown in).  I am refusing to eat tomatoes and if that skews my results, so be it.  The idea alone makes me want to vomit.

Although I abhor the idea, I think a food journal is going to help keep me accountable.  I was shocked to learn this little equation last year & it made me a bit more attentive to what I was eating.

your weight * 15 = # of daily calories to maintain your weight

I will leave you with that thought because I’m sure it will leave you a bit dumbfounded.  And curious to see where all your calories come from.

In January I met a new runner who was training for her first half marathon.  We ended up running together, early Saturday mornings in the cold winter months.  There is a lot you learn about people when you run with them.  Life stories are shared, secrets, hopes & dreams.  Anything to keep your mind off running.

One particularly cold morning, (she was running six miles, I was running ten), we had a conversation about weight.  She believed sharing with other people made her more accountable.  On my run over the bridge, writing a blog post in my head, I was so excited to share my last secret.  When it came time to write the post, I chickened out.  February passed.  March.  April.  May.  Still chicken.

I am not quite ready to share but I have made a compromise.  On Pinterest (I am Niki B – I have some killer boards), I found an idea that will help me realize my goal.  A nice visual picture instead of numbers on a scale.

It goes a lil something like this:

I have two jars: one is full of rocks, the other is empty.  (And apparently my jars are too big because the number of rocks does not look impressive.)  Each rock represents one pound.

the weight I have to lose jar

the weight I’ve lost jar

It would appear I’ve been acting like a kid who just finished school & is going crazy on summer vacation.  Except those weeks of crazy have turned into lazy bones watching back to back episodes of The View & General Hospital.  I need to be more accountable to my goals – I have some big ones!  Some of those goals won’t happen if I keep going down this path.

So, tomorrow morning the challenge begins and it will end on my birthday.  Each Monday I’ll photograph my currently empty jar and post my progress here.  (Sorry for any boredom added to Monday moanings but deal with it.)  Once September hits, I”ll fill up my jar with different rocks & start the challenge again.  I haven’t quite decided what the prize is (because I love winning prizes!).

This is a hard post to write because this race was kind of… boring.  The quick rundown so I can get to the fun stuff!


  • Great crowd support
  • Beer stop & the best cheerleaders (two years in a row!)
  • Familiar with the last two miles (last mile is downhill)
  • Great race shirts & different shirts for each distance


  • Boring course through Olympia neighborhoods
  • No medal (received dog tags & a coaster – save money on the coaster & go for the medal)

I can’t imagine running this race again.  It is run well but once you run the course, you are only going back for a course PR.

I’ve been a bit MIA but it has not been due to lack of things to share.  Quite the opposite.  I have too much to share but not enough time.  I really did believe I would have more time after the volleyball season.

A very quick overview:

  • Walked Capital City Half Marathon in the rain.  The only consolation is less of a downpour than the previous year.  It is probably my last year running Capital City Marathon events.  (More on that in the next week!)
  • I paid my deposit to run Ragnar Relay: Northwest Passage: 190 mile relay starting at the Canadian border to Whidby Island with a group of 12 people.  Stoked doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Especially, since last weekend…
  • …I ran a 50 mile relay with three other crazy runner friends.  We started at Mt. Rainier (Carbonado) and took turns running to Ruston Way in Tacoma.  I cannot even begin to share how cool it is to think my team ran the distance between the two.  (Much more to come on this event.  Too many stories to share!)
  • My happy place this afternoon: Taking on the Bermuda Challenge is on my race wishlist.  Airfare has been $627 from Seattle for the past six months.  (Pathetic, I know.)  This morning, I received a fare alert for $334.  Round trip!  I couldn’t drive cross country for $334 in gas.  My happy place for the last 4 hours has been pink sandy beaches and turquoise water.  This trip is going to be better than running because I will be a certified diver.  Does a vacation get better than running & diving?  Add in pool time & a Dark & Stormy – SOLD.

There are a few other interesting stories to share as well but I’m totally lost daydreaming about a hammock in the Atlantic Ocean.

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